Everyone of us one or the other time wonder in our lives..What am I doing here? What is purpose of my life? Am I doing what I am supposed to do? Am I on right path? How does it matter if I am happy or not?

Each of us are like a tiny tiny micro cells in the universe..But how does it matter? Think about our body..Any disease starts with one or small group of bad cells in the body, later making the adjacent cells bad..eventually when its turns huge, we get symptoms of pain and it becomes dangerous if we ignore the symptoms..Healing also happens with same way..Healing starts with making one or small group of cells healthy, slowly all the cells impacted will be healed when proper care is taken.

If we are a cell in the universe..it is our choice to be like a good cell or bad cell..There are many times I take inspiration from others just by observing them, which changed my life..They didn’t explicitly offered me any help, they were just following some good habits..I grew up eating meat, always wanted to stop eating but couldn’t..A friend in fb whom I never even spoke posted a picture randomly on food frequencies..That post somehow inspired me to stop eating meat completely..I used to eat very less fruits..My colleague was doing navaratri fasting by just eating fruits and nuts for nine days..I thought may be I should try too..that fasting cleansed my body a lot and I started eating more fruits..after some days my friends started seeing good changes in me, they also started incorporating these into their diet..and my family of-course..By my another friend who travels a lot, I got interest in travel and benefited a lot from traveling..There are many Swami ji posts completely changed perspective of my life.

A simple genuine smile or talk from family, friends or strangers made my day lot of times when I was in a bad mood..If it made my day..I speak to my mom on phone in much better mood so I will make my mom’s day better..that might make my niece’s day better because my mom is watching my niece and so on..Most of our lives are about sharing, exchanging ideas, interests and vibrations from one another.

By being happier, content and following good habits, directly or indirectly we inspire people surrounding us, they inspire people surrounding them and so on..On top of that, the good we spread comes back to us and reward us one way or the other..No wonder spiritual masters say “Your self-realization or awakening is the best gift you can give to the world”

Here are a few things which help me to get better when I feel down..

I try to be more generous to people I encounter..like more loving to family and friends or giving extra tip to cab drivers etc..that brings more satisfaction in me, more love from them.

I try to connect with earth..natural resources..walking with bare feet..dipping feet into a lake if I am close by..just put myself into greenery or temple where good vibrations exist or at least move my body to confuse my mind so that it helps me distract from negative thoughts.

Try to eat healthy food like more fruits and veggies.

Read good articles or books.

So when we get question on what am I doing in my life? Just being best version of oneself, choosing to be a good cell is quite good enough. It has a bigger impact than we think.