If I ask are you intelligent or perhaps strong willed enough to control the involuntary functions of the internal organs; your enthusiastic affirmation will sadly lead to total organ failure. We can’t take responsibility towards the working of a machine which is extremely delicate, atleast not by our individual limited intelligence. Each part of the human body is perfectly designed and systematically organised into functions designed in the factory named random evolution operating under the guidance of the supreme intelligence of Mother Nature. The same underlying intelligence that designed the complex neural circuitry responsible for phenomenal consciousness is also responsible for the birth and destruction of trillions of galaxies each second, the evolution of a supermassive star to a black hole, the ethereal beauty of nature, the seeding of all forms of life across zillion galaxies and finally the emergence of collective intelligence then individual awareness.

We are not aware of the microorganisms, worms that lives within in a symbiotic relation whose identity is indifferent from us, the individual. About billions of living cells dies and gets replaced by new one’s each day and we are calling this collective self as me without knowing that they exists! As we can see, in no point of time was there an individual to be free as it was Nature/God all along. It is the continuous flux of the ever-changing Nature along the underlying energy principle taking on the role of self-preservation, thus forming the individual.

Animals, insects, birds can sense seismic activities like earthquake, tsunami, volcanoes; pressure drop events like cyclone, hurricane before their occurance. Why we as a species have failed to harness this gifts of synchronicity from our Mother? Where have we gone wrong? In the ancient Dharmic tradition, the body is the true temple where God resides as the Atman. Most people aren’t aware of themselves; the intricacies behind the functioning of each parts, we only become aware when the situation is serious enough to disrupt the general functionalities of the system. We are then bound to visit our preferred doctor. 

Recognising this Supreme Intelligence and becoming one in harmony within and without is the purpose of Sri Vidya sadhana which is the highest way to acknowledge, being grateful and becoming one in every way with this Supreme Intelligence who is Divine Mother Herself. Becoming one with complete harmony where there is no existence of any conflict, doubt, resistance (physical,mental, emotional) is according to me the true pinnacle of Shakti Sadhana.The Sadhak  then becomes the epitome of Mother Herself, anything within the Sadhak’s energy field gets rejuvenated by His motherly love and purity; any feelings like anger, fear, attachment that binds us gets transformed into qualities of liberation. The insects,wild animals or other creatures that normally creates nuisance see’s the living embodiment of Divine Mother in the sadhaka and every element of Nature mutually respects His wish as Mother’s wish cause now all the boundaries and limitations has been transcended. Now ahimsa,kindness,compassion becomes the way of life. This understanding matures into true love which is unconditional.  Love is now the non-transactional way of collective interaction. All the actions from the individual mind is now the Whole. Then the understanding and care for everything develops naturally within.

If the body is embedded with the supreme intelligence of Nature and we are experiencing all of it by being Being and Witness principle then what is the cause of all our suffering and lack of harmony with Nature? Ths answer is simply the impressionable mind and unwanted thoughts.

Let’s do a simple experiment, What is your next thought……? Don’t think, just honestly answer. I have seen my mind going completely blank for a fraction of time, but that state of thoughtlessness is a glimpse of the peace and tranquility that always exists. I have used this same technique for doing meditation. The absence of an answer doesn’t mean the question is wrong but it is the essence of search-of-a-seeker itself. The greatest mistake in the path of spirituality is to superimpose a half-baked answer and living without self-honesty.

Thankyou for reading the post. May all of us realise our True Nature as one with Mother Divine who is Everything both Nitya and Leela 🙏

Om Sri Matre Namah.