After reading this title first thing that comes to mind is the food that we eat in our everyday diet. Nowadays, too much emphasis on a healthy and balanced diet, is trending everywhere … Low carbs, high protein, low fats, no sugar, keto diet, Paleo diet, Dash diet, and so on… This category is endless. It is said what we eat and how we eat becomes part of our system. We all know that eating junk food is not good for health and most of us are aware of this and generally we try to avoid such food.

But is food the only thing which we consume on daily basis? What we put in our mind every day as information does not matter? News Channel, web series, movies, crime-related serials on TV, people whom we interact with daily, the content we watch on social media, hatred messages we receive on what’s app, fake news which stimulates negativity we read daily… are these not part of our daily consumption?

It is…..but knowingly or unknowingly we eat that junk. That’s why as we selectively choose a balanced diet to get a healthy body, the same effort is required to select the content which we are putting in our mind daily. Because that content is also becoming part of our system consciously and subconsciously.

Here you might say that to avoid unnecessary excess information, is not easy in today’s fast technological setup where one information reaches in seconds from one corner of the globe to the other, before we could think of it.  Yes, but at least we can limit the time of our exposure to it. There is absolutely no need for constant updation from news channels about what is happening in the world at every moment until it is part of your job. Journalists on TV are shouting for no reason, conducting toxic debates that fail to provide any solution for any issue. Similarly, reality shows are all about fighting, plotting, and abusing, 7 out of 10 youtube videos are spreading negativity about religion, government, or politics, and on top of it, the comment sections remain filled with trolls and hate speeches. Everyone has the right to express his or her point of view then why these spaces are filled with so much negativity?

We slowly and gradually become what we see, feel and hear and if we consume a lot of negative content constantly on daily basis, we are more likely to be negative. Hence to limit the time to watch news channels and other social media is a significant and positive step in this direction. You can set your time once or twice a day wherein you can see a glimpse of all important activities of the day, around the world and can mindfully select which news you want to go through in detail to filter out the excess clutter.

Overall health can be achieved only if we are nourishing our body and mind both because they complement each other in getting a perfect balance.Therefore along with food, always be mindful of what you are feeding to your mind.