“ I think  planning your visit in the week of 8th March isn’t a great idea. 8th March is Holi .  Its the festival of colors .Markets will be shut . Sales  and operations both will be slow . I think perhaps the end of March might be better ”  I informed my German Vice President  who wanted to come for a factory visit .

“Hmmm..did you not have a festival just last month –what was it”…he tried hard to pronounce the name – “Mahashivratri” I chimed in instantly . We celebrate Lord Shiva’s wedding on Mahashivratri .

“Do you have any more festivals coming in”, he asked with some exasperation. “How may festivals in total do you celebrate across India?”

“Well! India is such a diverse country,I think you will find a festival every day of the year- all 365 days”

“Surely you must be joking” he retorted

But I wasn’t.  Just the previous day as I was totalling the amount to be given to the Dhobi , looking at the ubiquitous ‘Kaal Nirnay’ calendar hanging in my kitchen ,I saw a festival mentioned almost everyday.

Sadhana app also reminds us of the numerous spiritual occasions when we should immerse ourselves in the ocean of devotion.

I think our cultural heritage is imbued with the idea that celebrations aren’t confined to a day or two.  Celebration is a part of our cultural fabric.  Just look at the number of songs and stories , the number of festivals and fasting and feasting occasions in India.

Nature celebrates everyday too – with different flowers blooming everyday – different hues in the evening sky painting a masterpiece everyday  and a different zing in the breeze everyday. You only have to pause and notice.

I decided to test this idea as a part of #bebettermewithosdotme. Every morning before I got lost in the day’s activities – I asked myself –  what am I celebrating today ? Any small occasion , any trivial reason would do . For instance , I am meeting old friends today after a long time and that makes me joyous. Well add to it the promise of mouthwatering  chola bhatura I am likely to enjoy 😊 Tomorrow – I will be in Silvassa – a place I have never seen before and the exploration is likely to be exhilarating . Last week, I was celebrating my son’s achievements in school. You get the picture . When you have a reason to celebrate,  the day never goes badly . One remains in a joyous mood and the celebratory mood offsets any setbacks along the way . Try the experiment …it might work for you too.

As Swami ji often says – life is beautiful . To see and live its beauty – celebrate each day . For each day dawns with a new hope , a new promise. Each day brings along new possibilities and vistas to explore. Each moment has the potential to transform the rest of your life. As do the following anecdotes from os.me. This compilation was put together by the super creative  Samurai Kavana and myself. Enjoy reading!

 1. Everything is about meditation-

 _”Are you able to connect your mind with muscles?”_ 

When Ajay’s trainer asked him this question, it led to a shift in his perspective. Exercise is no different from meditation. Neither is long term planning. Mindfulness is the essence of every successful endevour, and it is what makes each moment a celebration. In this beautiful article, Ajay demonstrates why this is true.

2. Three thousand years of longing

 _”Your love is liberation

and hence do as you please.

My gratitude is infinite only second to your grace.

My Beloved, if you so wish, set me free!”_ 

Love is a celebration, love is liberation! In this wonderfully narrated post, Niveta Om explores the concept of love inspired by the film Three Thousand Years of Longing.

3. God’s Plan 2

An act of kindness is the greatest act of celebration. In this heart touching anecdote, Shalini Pandey Om recounts an incident where her family performed one such beautiful act of kindness that is sure to make a big difference.

4. That Demon Called Perfection

 _”In a hurry to become perfect, we often forget how enjoyable the journey is. There is romance in being a novice, the innocence of not knowing, yet having the belief to give it your all.”_ 

If you identify as a perfectionist, this profound piece by Rashmi Om is a must-read!

Before you go – here are some beautiful lines to think over 

“but moments of joy 

Too many to mention

Brighten each day 

When we just pay attention” 

 -Eileen Hession 

When is that Golden Moment?