Last night, when I just hit the sack, the entire flash of the day passed by inside my head. Honestly speaking, I could find the flaws in the deeds committed, the points where I didn’t go up to my failure, and the priorities that left undone. Also a sense of relief for the major deadlines I met, and henceforth made my schedule for today. Waking up with a mindset standing at complete loggerhead than last night made me disparage. Something which has been an issue for so long and I believe for so many. Before proceeding, a simple question to propose- the person the who played the role for the next day inside your head before sleep, and the person you play the next day are same? If they were, I would be pretty sure that major incompetence would have been negated out by our living. The title took me while to go along with what I am about to write. The temporary death. I believe we all have come across this phrase- ‘Sleep is the temporary death, and death is the permanent sleep’. Because at times when we see that there is no point further, we realize the fallacies that took place earlier, feel guilty for the unfair behavior we kept with our people and unsettled for undone duties ec cetera. In short, we feel low for the pending duties that were supposed to be done. By the time of writing this post, its 1 A.M  and I could sense the same. 

Again! A new routine has been made and priorities have been set for the new day but deep down a prior disappointment has come too. 

why do such differences exist? The way things we imagine and the way things we do. Such a difference that is similar between haves and have-nots. Simply if I answer, our physical state demands leisure in present. Human body takes pleasure anyway, either by deeds or by imaginations. Currently I am writing this letter, and with keeping the focus into this post- some space of my mind is still engaged into the scenario where I am winning as it is giving me pleasure. And when the day ends, the only regret that stays by is we haven’t been selfish enough for our own good. Sometimes things come across my mind that the real meaning of selfish hasn’t been comprehended significantly. Despite of the fact many of you would be thinking that I am telling no new thing, but I know what can. That moment before sleep. When the entire day sums up in your mind, you at times think the major lapses tool place was undoubtedly deliberate. That moment before sleep 💤 you realize that if the behavior we kept with anyone was fair enough. That moment before sleep we come across with the better and matured version of ourselves who can distinguish between things that took place and should have taken place earlier. That moment before sleep makes things way too explicable. Way too understanding and therefore way too lucid. A book named Pilgrimage written by a very well known author Paulo Coelho. I read this book a year ago and a small portion stayed therein with me where the protagonist commits an experiment of a living dead where you just put yourself in a still state. I highly recommend to read that experiment by your own because I don’t want to dwindle the effect of it by comprehending in my words. It will somewhere make you realize how important each and every moment is. Just for instance take this for granted for a day. Tell all your friends and close ones not disturb for a day. Just for a day. One day wouldn’t even count much anywhere. Commit yourself to do all the tasks that is in your schedule. Just for a day. And just a day wouldn’t count. Again. Temptations will come by. Of talking,messaging on messenger, stalking on social media 😆😆, people have taste and preferences after which I don’t want to go 😅.  Just keep aside and do all the things of and for yourself. If you somehow manage to stick along anyhow. Just for a day. One thing will count. And that shall be your moment before sleep. Your self thirst will be erased and you will feel fulfilled to the brim. Then take another day and put all your work aside. Just for a day. Prepare your self mentally and spend and each and every moment with your close ones. Go out, talk, play and do what ever makes you fulfilled and just think keep your mind in present. Never let the after and before math capture your mind while spending time quality time your people. This is one of the biggest learning I have taken so far. Again. It’s just for a day. Day ends, and your moment before sleep will be counted. Because you have been selfish. Selfish, not to your job or to your people but for your job, duties and for the people you care. Just a small shift for a day and it will widge a big gap after sometime. And when that real last moment will come, you will feel enough with your life you lived far. Nothing is left undone. Peaceful and delighted. 

Keeping the value of your time 🤗. Thanking you for your patience throughout 🙏. 


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