What did you lose while having me mother?

Was it your own health, happiness or your career?

Was it your sleep, mental peace or preferences?

Did you ever hate me for what changes I brought along with me into your life?

Did you always forgot yourself while taking care of me?

Was there anyone next to you in all your mood swings, nausea and pain?

Was it easy to raise an adamant child like me?

You have given enormous sacrifices for me to make me stand where I am today.

Without you, I won’t have been who I am.

You stood by me in my every stupid decision.

You stayed awake along with me before every exam.

You pushed me to go on when I was ready to give up.

And tody when I feel lost, scared and hurt, I can think of no other home than your laps.

Everytime I do a mistake, I turn to you and you accept me without judging me.

You fix me each and everytime I am broke.

Whenever I look at you, I just know I can be anything in the world but I will never be able to become you.

For I don’t have the heart to be as good as you. To give those sacrifices for anyone that you did for us.

May be this is why mothers are so special.

Ever accepted, ever loving, ever forgiving.

They are special because no one else can take there place and no one ever can pay there debts.