What do I fear the most?

Death?…..Nah! not death….

Losing a relationship?….Nah!not having any..

Ghost?…. Certainly not!

Any phobias?….Again negative…

Then what?…Taste(Fear) Kaha hai?😅

Well…Taste(Fear) Yaha hai..Nah not Everest Masale 😅….

Eyes filled with raze,ego,lust…yeah,I don’t have enough guts to face them.Imagine having a normal conversation with someone and having a conversation to someone with eyes full of ego,raze, shrewdness,lust.Ah! how to face them?

What baffled me most is the fact that the person who is very ordinary in his/her demeanour has gone to such extent of malice within seconds after getting hit by arrows of these emotions.

Yeah,these eyes traumatized me,terrorised me and you know it’s not like that only other people have access of these eyes of terror…Many a times, I am having these eyes of terror daunting my own inner consciousness.

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Enjoy this😅😅😅

Fear of spiders, or arachnophobia

Fear of flying in an airplane, or aviophobia.

Fear of elevators, or elevatophobia.

Fear of heights, or acrophobia.

Fear of enclosed rooms, or claustrophobia.

Fear of crowded public places, or agoraphobia.

Fear of embarrassment, or katagelophobia.


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