You must first teach a child he is loved. Only then is he ready to learn everything else. – Amanda Morgan.



What was the most wanted thing in your life? Our choice and preferences change at every stage of life, and we seek different satisfactions of ours, depending upon our age, position, and need. Time has power, the power to change everything in one’s life. Let’s try to understand it during the phases in life.

Childhood: the first thing a kid needs in their mother is love, care, and affection, which they need to survive the challenging age. Until the period, the kid cannot sustain itself by itself.

School: the learning age, when we learn every day, new words(sometimes bad ones also). New habits, new acts, new actions, new techniques, new habits, new hobbies, and many new things. The best phase of our life was the only thing we had to do learn.

College: expertise, rage, aggression, mixed emotions, much misunderstanding, breaking of rules, adrenal rush, a combination of wrong and right decisions, this is the age of learning through experience. (Important Phase).

Earning phase: a tough one because we are never satisfied. We are working towards the betterment of life,

Old age: we need the love, care, and affection we needed as a child. It is the time when we start walking towards the truth of birth, that is, death,


The journey from birth to death is the one which one thing that doesn’t change is being loved or loving someone.

As a child, we love our parents, siblings, and grandparents.

As an adolescent, we love our friends, parents, grandparents.

As an adult, our love shifts to our partner, kids, and family(Some ignore our parents and grandparents)

As an elder: we love our kids, sibling, and family( what about spouse, you are the best to answer)


So at every stage of life, life is significant, and the only thing that we need to teach our kids is to be happy and loving. If they know the importance of love and care, they will know that everything else is secondary.

If we find love, we will find everything.


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