Hello everyone 😇

Hope you guys are doing great.

So I found this beautiful poem somewhere and I thought…. I. should. share.  This. With. You. People.                  

What do you do when your dog grows old?

when their feet are tired and their pads are worn.

When your words of praise are hard to hear, 

And their eyes are milky from all their years.

When their faces changed and turning grey.

What do you do when your dog grows old?

You. love. them. 

You rub the feet that carried them by your side.

And you praise them louder and harder. 

You show them your pride.

You guide them the way they guided you. 

And you never let them get as lost as you once were. 

You kiss their nose,          hold their face. 

And when it comes the time to put them to their final rest, 

And You do so, knowing that, you loved them,

and they, loved you more. 

They. Loved. You. More.