What you need to meet the Divine?

Jai Sri Hari!

I have seen we all struggle to see Swami Ji once in a year (all means most of us, but exceptions are there who are blessed souls). To meet Swami we need to give something. Maybe we need some good karmas in our pocket to see him, so more good karmas to talk to him and a lot of divine grace to get initiated.
I was reading a story from the life of Sri Sri Maa Anandmayi.
I’ll share that story with you people and I feel that it’ll help you for sure.

Story goes like this:

It was at Vindhyachal at January 1956. Only a very few people were sitting in Sri Maa’s room. Maa was relating details of the serious illness of someone whom the all people present there knew quite well. She gave a vivid description of how, after trying all sorts of medicines and treatments, he was finally restored to health quickly and easily by the skill of one of the first surgeons of the country.

“I always say,” continued Maa, if you are ill, go and consult the very best and greatest doctor. If you put yourself in the hands of the greatest you may then remain free from worry and feel: ‘Whatever happens is alright, I have done my utmost.’

But to approach the greatest is difficult and it costs so much,
one has to give, one has to give!
When approaching God one has to give everything, all one possesses.
But people say:
“How am I to give up my pride, my anger, my self-importance. How can I bear insult without a murmur?”

At that moment two ladies entered the room, each offering a garland of flowers to Maa, who quickly took up two rose-garlands that were lying by her side and put them round their necks.

Someone remarked: “Well, here at least one has not only to give, one gets something as well.”
(At Ashram you get something, whatever you wish for… Wish for his blessings and darshan.)

Maa said:
“When you give everything,
you get everything.”

Let’s do sadhana to get our swa dhan our own wealth.

Jay Maa 🌼