One day I was just drinking tea sitting in my balcony .I had the habit of watching the surroundings and sipping morning tea. By that time I watched a couple of beggars on the pavement before my home Out of curiosity I watched what they were doing. They had only a bag with them. They opened it and there was a bowl in it. They took some water in it and both washed their faces. Again they took some water and looked up wards and faced themselves towards Sun.
They saluted sun and offered the water with utmost devotion to him. After finishing the offering they quietly put their bowl in their bag and again saluted sun god. They left the place calmly to attend their routine of begging .I am quite surprised to watch the activity and it raised a number of questions about my own devotion to god and my expectations.
The first thing I wonder about the whole activity was how could they be able to offer that much of gratitude with such devotion While many of us who are blessed with our livelihood shelter and many more comfortable things by god still find ourselves waiting for many other things to be granted .
We have many desires and needs to be fulfilled and many complaints about what we don’t have.
But the wife and husband who had been blessed to beg for their livelihood offering their gratitude with utmost respect and seemed contented with the life, made me contemplate on what gratitude means.
From that day on wards I became mindful about the blessings that were given to me by god and I am not aware of.
I am really grateful to the couple for making me realize how blessed I am and also to help me to think about the condition of poor people in our society who still lead life with out complaints and been able to thank for the least they have.
whenever I remember the incident I feel who are really poor those people who have no materialistic things for themselves still contented or, I who still wants few more things to make me happy !!!

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