Recently after completing my Devi Bhagwat virtual retreat. I started doing Devi sadhna as per Swamiji’s teachings. Our house is a Kothi style house. Very common in Punjab. We have open spaces just beside our house. Where there are many “Keekar” trees. One fine evening I saw beautiful white owl sitting on the tree looking straight at me. It maybe at a distance of 10-15 feet. It was a magnificent bird looking straight into my eyes. I gazed at it for minutes until it flew away. Then another evening again I saw it. Then spotted another and then another. There where three of them. Looked like juvenile birds. Who had just learnt to fly. Probably siblings. Then after a few sightings I came to know that they actually were living in those trees. Many times I would go out early morning for a jog. And I would notice those owls following me. Sometimes sitting on a pole. Or sitting on someone’s roof , looking at me. I was amazed to see them. Felt like Devi Mahalakshmi’s sign of grace. Although from a few days I couldn’t continue my nitya Sadhna. And now I am not seeing them. 

Seeing those owls made me feel protected. 

Jai Mahaluxmi. 

Om Vishnave Namah.