I keep a journal of my observations, thoughts, and ideas and house it in a place I call ‘The Spice Box.’

I use this spice box to flavor my content recipes when I am working on business projects. It had never occurred to me that these expressions should see the light of the day — land here in front of you.

And here I am, after a long time. Now that’s some action! 🙂

So, what does it mean?

Before my next stint, I had decided to take some time away. Owing to multiple reasons, I had realized the power of rest — one being my health, and the other that it fuels creativity.

It might sound like no big deal to some of you. But if you are like me, who works relentlessly, you know what ‘rest’ could mean.

I also took a vacation from ‘think-work’ and went straight to my spice box — where I explored my freedom and experimented with my ideas.

And it had a METAMORPHIC effect on me!

Using my spice box, I created a variety of stories, business ideas, narratives, epiphanies, personal philosophies, and poems, that I had long put on the back burner. And this time, these were not under someone’s instructions, markings, or judgments.


My work was appreciated by the relevant people at the relevant places, and…

Oh! It elevated my confidence,

And lit up my spice box that expanded into thousands of more ideas and expressions.

So, what’s the big deal here?

Let me share with you what happened during those weeks.

💫 I rose from being a keypad-puncher to a ‘creator.’
💫 I hit the ‘Follow my ideas’ button, and
💫 I let go of the chameleon thing called ‘judgment’ as it keeps switching sides.

My ‘SPICE BOX’ is what I owe it to, where I could ‘rest’ and bolster my creative energy.

After restless and fierce upheavals we have seen each other trudge through these past few years, ‘rest’ is one need, that we just can’t shove and move past.

Have your ‘SPICE BOX’ or some method that gives you elbow room to rest, swing back into action…

and create stories for your success.