I read a post by our dear Meera Maa here, in which she later asked for how we relate to Boroline. I had only one strong memory with it and it is so engraved in my heart that I feel it happened just yesterday. I tried to write it in the comment but it was getting too long. Also, I want to share all the emotions of this kid I was

So, here it is…my encounter with Boroline…

I think I was about 7 or 8 years old that time. I saw my mom using boroline. The first thought came to my mind was “IT MUST TASTE AMAZING” for it looked like that tasty cream with which the cake is decorated. But I did not paid much attention. However, as I saw boroline again and again the urge to eat it became stronger..my mind would imagine this amazing sweet taste. For me Boroline was CAKE CREAM.
Then the day came when I decided I have to eat this thing and started looking for an opportunity when I can make this happen.
My mom used to keep it in her room in the dressing drawer and most of the time she was either in her room or the kitchen. And it was risky when she was in the kitchen because it was just adjacent to her room so she may come anytime.
And the rest of the time we were either in school or sleeping or eating. So i did not find a chance.

Then came a day with that golden opportunity
Mom was teaching me and one neighborhood kid in another room. So I thought if Ill go at this point of time she will not come after me and utilize that time in teaching another kid. I told my mom I need to go to the washroom.

My heart was thrilled as I entered mom’s room. I had it in my mind that I need to be quick for mom should not feel why is she taking so much time. I was excited for I waited so long for this and now was the time to savor the dessert and all my efforts will pay off 

I took out little quantity of my cake cream and tasted it immediately and came the moment of TRUTH!

All my excitement vanished and my may be pink face (out of excitement and happiness) turned colorless. IT WAS BLAND ! I mean “bland” would also be an exaggeration of its taste
It had no taste at all! I kind of went in a shock for few seconds. I could not believe how it can taste like this. I felt I was ditched by a cream
No…like literally…I had put in so much efforts..so many days of hunting for an opportunity. Resisting myself till the opportunity comes. And for what!

Anyways…I stoop up high as if nothing happened for I had to return to my room and study and I had not much time to whine.
I got back to mom and never tasted any cream again. The pain and betrayal I felt from the first one was enough and it was such that it is so fresh in my mind, it feels like it happened just yesterday!

Also, there is a learning…we should not taste anti septic products :p

Pic taken from Karmabaker.com