We all know that PV Sindhu, the Indian badminton 🏸 player, has won a bronze medal in Tokyo Olympics. She is the world number one player but she failed in the semi-finals and lost her chance to win a gold medal for her country, despite being one of the best players in the world.

It must hurt terribly. But she didn’t choose to keep grieving about it. She gathered her courage and went for another match to grab a bronze medal and she did! She kept herself calm and won the bronze medal. How much practice she must have done to keep her mind in a calm state where a person like me usually start grieving about not being able to pass the test.

Recently, I took an entrance exam and the result of that exam didn’t come out in my favour. I was so devastated because of the bad result. I have another exam next month and I was worried whether I would be able to perform better, what is gonna happen next?

My mind was in chaos. But after I saw PV Sindhu winning a bronze medal right after losing an important match, a thought came into my mind — she must have stayed very calm and focused on the opportunity at hand to be winning again and not be grieving about what she had lost. That is what made her win her medal. 

Forget about what happened earlier, just focus on the present and you can do it.