There have been many self help books on parenting,how to raise honest children or how to be an ideal parent , very few times has the topic of inheriting childish parents been touched upon.Parents are humans too and it’s only biology that anyone needs to have a child even if u r too immature and not able to handle your own emotions and existence. There are parents who are alcoholic,ragoholic , jealous or financially irresponsible to take care of their own being then who gives them a right to bring a new soul to this world. Children learn handling an emotional weak moments or virtues from their parents,how to act in a society or how to respond to a crisis or calamity is what a Parent teaches a little child but what if the parent him/ herself is chicken hearted or weak or under depression or social pressure? We may counter this by saying that it’s not that the kids of illiterate parents have not become Doctors,Prime ministers or i.a.s officers but the kick start you get to be a fit and healthy being would be much more for a child who has seen his disciplined parents eating in moderation and excercising regularly! I am a parent myself and for me eating out side food or package food is not a sin, even if it’s one meal a day or watching screen all day long can’t be curbed as the grand parents and parents of my kids do the same! Even sleeping post midnight is not a principle i can teach my kids as the others members of the family are not following it.Members of our family are extremely honest,sincere ,hard working and non greedy still these basic habits make me wonder..

What to do if you inherit an ignorant childish parent?