Life is a continuous journey, we keep moving and things keep on changing whatever the situation is. Ups and down. Laughs and cries , Failure or Success, all walk hand in hand. 

Life is not always the way we want, but it is the way it is, as Swami says,”Nature’s only job is the grow”. Same is with the life it is not going to stop. It is we who have to understand that we have to keep moving. 

People come and go, memories made, lessons learnt, hearts broken, habits inculcated. We cry on the past events, we laugh at the mistakes made, we hold grudges and still we live and still we move. 

1. These memories make the future stories which we are going to cherish throughout our life.

2. These lessons learnt will be topics for our future lectures we would deliver uninvited meetings.

3. These moving years will make us understand life a bit more say by day, still it will be impossible to decode it. 

So, the question remains, should we cry or worry if the loved ones are not with us. Either they have moved on(relations), or they have gone to a better place(heaven). 

What matters is do we have the courage to accept the fact or we want to keep standing at a place and letting everything pass making a fool of ourself. 

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