Coughing and laughing are usually involuntary mouth and sound activities produced by an individual in a group or privately! The reason may vary but what if we could with a Magic wand replace Coughing and laughing with each other! Think about it …Kapil sharma would be conducting India Coughing challenge and morning walker s parks would have Coughing clubs with caugh therapies,all jokes ,giant wheel rides,tickling on toes or arm pit would produce so much coughing! Now lets go to the bronchal and tuberculosis clinics ,everyone would be laughing there! As soon as some one inhaled pollutants or smoked a cigarette first time ,he would instantly start laughing! Too much laughing and family would take u to a chest x ray and sputtum test clinic where stethoscope would tell the reason of uncontrolled laughing!Smoking and common cold with covid 19 virus would easily detected by infected s laughing .Also we could exchange laughing and coughing to get those strong abbs! What other ideas do you get to interchange laughing with coughing?

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