A poem is a prose
written to the cosmos
whose letters combine
to spell catastrophes

A poem is two teaspoons
of sugar ma adds to our
chai every day after her
morning prayer

A poem is my best friend
giving me a tight hug
when i am too dispersed
to gather my broken heart

A poem is my grandma
making her all-time
special aloo-bhaja
for lunch on june days

A poem is a love letter
written by Rumi roaming
in a vineyard, with his
soul drunken on love

A poem is a pillow that
soaks my tears every
night and helps me look
stronger during daytime

A poem is an old man
holding a yellow flower
cracked open from a
soil prone to famine

A poem is a rose I wish
to gift to all souls on this
earth for being a warrior
of their own kind

A poem is an escapeway
I use to release my soul
at times to let it live
many lives in one lifetime

Aloo-bhajaa – Potato tava fry (A common dish in Odisha)

Feature image source – Unsplash


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