Blog – what is behind the curtain of life

First of all we have to know about life then curtain , life is the combination of time and energy , birth and death . What I understand it is very difficult to understand about the life, how it plays – What is its meaning , mission, prospective , clarity and purpose of life . Basically what I understood that I am sharing with you
The life of every individual is different based on his making , thought , feeling , action and achievement . We do not know why we got birth if got birth why in 20 Th century being equipped with the latest technology not in earlier era. It is beyond of thinking , we have no control on birth and death . We live our life as our life has planned in our fate and in horoscope not the way we have planned , sometimes if you have good luck then you dictate the life and goes according to your plan and choice .
My view signifies that we only got birth to settle our karmic account with our parents , children , relatives and beloved half partner, once it is settled , go to your pavilion back .

Behind the curtain of life , it is my only thought that following dimensions are involved ie
Our physical body , intelligence , action and its consequences , attitude, altitude , words , compassion , humility , anger , revenge , the mental faculties, disturbances of consciousness, or intoxication, characterized by restlessness, excitement, delusions, hallucinations,

Conclusion : if we do wrong doings , our intelligence  get turned against us otherwise it will work for us till the last breath .
Everything is happening with individual ‘life under the signature of ALMIGHTY.
Om Shanti