The word ekanta is a sanskrit word for solitude. But let’s look at the sanskrit meaning of the word in detail:

Ek – oneΒ  and anta – end. End of the ‘One’!

Ekanta as “I” experience/live it now ( meditative state) is not being recluse from the world in a corner but when the ‘personality’ of a person ends. When the personality of the person ends, the self which had divided the ‘person’ from the rest of the world ceases to exist.

This very elimination of the self, brings the personality of the person to an end, giving way to the oneness with the rest of the world. That is Ekanta – end of the self!Β 

Now going back to the English meaning of ekanta i.e. solitude – when one is by oneself (sole) which is correct so far as english language is concerned. But sanskrit is a language for which finding a definitive and befitting word is Rare!Β 

Meditation is not and can not be projection of one’s own mind. It is only when one transcends the web of mind however messy or meticulous that web may be!

Ekanta, the end of self. What is self? What would be your answer to that? More on that in the next in the series.