We are both good and bad. For example, if you are playing a game, watching cricket, etc., we wish to win. If we win, we thank God (there is no guarantee that we also thank God) and if we lose, we scold God or get angry (not everyone does that). This is what we do.

Coming to the point of today’s blog. Sometimes when we try to help others, we get lost and help for help doesn’t change anything for him. We, like me, are easily irritated. get angry at God. We helped, but it was a loss for me. Related to this, I learned This is a storey about, like, what I learned:

Once, they had a man. He used to care for others. One day, when he was walking, a small girl left a gas balloon on his head. It touched his head, but still, he didn’t care. He could help her by catching the balloon, but he did not do so. Then, when he was going to a store, in the lift, another person who saw the man coming, but still didn’t open the door. Then the man thought, “I didn’t help, so I didn’t get help.” He decides to start helping others. When he goes home, a tray of glossary items rolls towards him. He catches it, but then the tray goes on his leg. He gets hurt, he gets angry, and he leaves it and continues to help others.

The next day, when he was going to the shopping mall, he opened the lift. It happened that there was a big package. He had to come out and go into the lift the next time. He controls the anger and is peaceful.

When we lose, we should have control and forgive. Then you will be the most kind-hearted person. God is not punishing us, but rather assisting us in becoming more good.

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