Karma and Dharma both are depend each other. If the karma is good the dharma automatically come with you. 

Similarly the Dharma also the way you think, decide, behave, and appreciate others that makes your karma good. 

If your karma is not good then there is no means of puja path or worship to god. The karma is totally related to God’s heart. My heart is broken when i see anyone worship with very dedication and donot look after the people and use slangs. This type of puja path is only for showing others. It doesnot make by heart. 

When one works to save others,  think good for others and behave good that ultimately equal to get God and is only our Karma and Dharma both. So karma and dharma are equal in sense.  Karma is doing for others whereas Dharma is thinking for others. Thank you.  Don’t mind be happy always. Cvff fvbjxvb fgbbv ffbb ghbb

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