I was once pain and sorrowful. Intense and all chaotic. Wicked and corruptive. Plague ridden and full with disease. Power and control. Controlled and of greed. Evil within and good with of. Kindness yet dark of bitterness. Selfish of others but selfless within thyself. I am to all which is darkened once but now what is lightness to life. I am not only of thyself but as well as others. It was only darkness to which

Luminescence gave others light. I am pain which bled cries of help, and through that hurt was only passed to others thy love and when thy love was given to thy man from which was not my hurt and suffering but happiness and of mans love given back to only then was thy own pain healed. After that is when thy knew of love and from then would man experience thy kingdom come. Heaven on earth exists only in love. Happiness is of all heavily, ending suffering is all of what is to love.

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