Cost is the most important factor that influences our decision to purchase any goods or services. ‘Can I afford it?’, is a very important question we need to ask. In the same way, we can look at success too. Here the cost that we are paying is our physical and mental health. Jack Ma, once advocated for 12 hour workdays. Not just him many of us take great pride in our long working hours, but why? Why this rush? Is success so important? Many are ageing fast and dying young. If that is the case, is success worth it?

Cost-1 Loss of sleep—Alarm is a slow poison.

The first casualty of this mirage called hard work is our sleep. Every single day we wake up using an alarm. Doesn’t it mean that we are depriving ourselves of sleep that is needed naturally? People with good physical and mental strength alone can sleep for lesser hours. I have heard about saints who sleep for 2-4 hours a day. But to achieve that we need to do a lot of other things. A calm mind (Shanthi) is one of the main requirements for less sleep. Sleep as long as your body needs. Waking up early and doing physical activity will only weaken our bodies. Waking up early or sleeping for lesser hours is good for productivity, but that has to happen naturally. If not it will be counterproductive.

Cost-2-Use of stimulants—Losing the natural ability that is to be performed and be happy.

From coffee to cocaine we use many stimulate. Some as performance enhancing or recreational drugs. Although these stimulants help us to improve our performance for a shorter period, post usage they reduce our natural ability to perform and bring happiness. In some cases, the psychiatric phenomenon may emerge such as stimulant psychosis, paranoia, and suicidal ideation. People use drugs for increasing creativity. If we become dependent on drugs then we will lose our natural ability to perform and be happy. Stimulants promise great power but extract a greater price. 

Cost-3 – Health.

How many of us are spending at least 30 minutes a day on our well-being? If we cannot spend 30 minutes a day, what is the use of earning so much money? Can we spend at least 1-2 hours during weekends on our hobbies? Are we taking enough breaks from routine every year? Can we indulge in activities that don’t reward us with money? Physical and mental health are the most neglected aspects of human living. We don’t use our bodies, we just abuse them. In search of success, we neglect our bodies. If a person is holding a very important job and cannot spend time for all such activities, he at least should retire early. Let us pass the baton. Enough of running this single man race.

Don’t look at others. Our life is unique, we have been sent to this world with specific parameters. Everyone’s IQ, attitude and several other opportunities are different. Race against yourself. We need to be proud of our abilities and challenge ourselves every day. When we challenge ourselves every day without worrying about results we will start performing with an abundance of happiness. Don’t fall for praises and applauses it is a trap for us to work more. Be a true Karma Yogi. Slow down a little, chill, never worry about others comments and enjoy every moment of our stay on earth. 

Masters /  Slaves / Guests ?

When we think, we are the masters of the world, Earth is for the sole benefit of man then we will start plundering the natural resources. We will disregard the rights of other life forms. With due respect to those who have made this world a better place to live with their lifelong hard works. I also will say success is overrated. It is also important to note that many did that in zen mode. They did what they need to do calmly and serenely. But not all are lucky. Many of us work till we die without enjoying our life. We hurriedly live our life, always in war mode. When we start thinking that we should save the world and work towards it, we become its slaves. 

We are neither masters nor slaves of the world. We are guests who are visiting this earth. Imagine how we will act in a resort when on holiday? We will act in a casual manner enjoying the beauty around us and being guests we will be mindful of the way we use the resources that are provided for us.  If we cultivate this mind set we will lead a more holistic life, which will benefit the world and we too will lead a happy and healthy life. Never forget your physical wellbeing and happiness should not be cost we pay for success.

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