Narayan Nagbali Puja 

Narayan nagbali pooja is only performed in Trimbakeshar, (Nashik, Maharashtra).

Narayan Nagbali Puja Has 2 types.
1.Narayan Bali.

2. Nag bali

Narayan Bali puja is performed to fulfill the unsatisfied desire of forefathers and ancestors.


Nag Bali Pujan is executed to get rid of the curse of killing a snake.

Where to perform narayan nagbali puja?

Naryan nagbali puja performs in Trimbakeshwar, 

Trimbakeshwar is one from 12 Jyotirlingas. 

Trimbakeshwar Mahadev Temple’s, the Shivalinga represents the three faces of Lord Brahma, Lord Vishnu, and Lord Mahesh, that’s why this place more special in religious rites

It is Also Ugamsthan of river Godavari (people oftenly called Ganga)

Following Types of puja performed in Trimbakeshwar
Kalsarp dosha Puja 
Narayan Nagbali Puja
Tripindi shradha Puja
Mahamrutunjay Mantra Jaap
Rudra Abhishek Pooja

Only Rudra Abishek Puja is performed in trimbakeshwa Temple, Other pooja like karsarp dosha, Narayan Nagbali, tripindi Shradha is performed in trimbakeshwar Temple area

Trimbakeshwar is famous for Narayan Nagbali puja 

Who has to perform Narayan Nagbali puja

  • Narayan nagbali puja rid off curses from family members

  • Narayan nagbali pooja helps to get clear Financial problems, Marriage problems, Health Issue and Career Problem

  • This pooja provides peace to the souls of ancestors

  • If a person killed a snake (cobra) accidentally or intentionally, also helps to kill a cobra 

  • Then they have to perform Nag bali puja to get rid of sins.

Benefits of Narayan Nagbali pooja.

  • Narayan nagbali pooja transform negative energies into positive ones

  • This pooja helps to clear curses

  • Helpful for Child Birth

  • Helpful for Marriage Issue

  • After performing  Narayan Nagbali puja Souls of Ancestors gets Moksha (salvation)


Narayan Nagbali puja takes 3 days to complete

Dates of Pooja decided According to Nakshatras.

How to do Narayan Nagbali Pooja in Trimbakeshwar?

This pooja is performed from panditji from trimbakeshwar Only. They are authenticated Panditji who holds a tamprapatra

Schedule for Narayan Nagbali pooja which required 3 days to Complete

On Day 1

  • First You Have to take a holy Bath in kushavart. After that, you should wear new clothes, the white plain dhoti for men and a new sari for women.

  • After that take coconut, 5 betel nuts, and Dakshina and go to Kushavart Tirtha and perform a ritual.

  • To make a Sankalp, you have to go to the cemetery’ behind the Mahadev Temple in Trimbakeshwar. There are preparations made to take Sankalp there

  • Then the worship of 5 Kalash along with  6 Murtis of lord  Bal Gopal, lord  Vishnu, lord  Bramha, lord mahadev, Lord Yumraj, and Tath Purush.

  • After that, perform Havan 

  • Then perform Havan, then 11 Shraddha of Lord Vishnu and 5 Shraddha of Brahma and 5 other Deities. Total 16 pindh Shraddha 

  • Offer one of these Pind to the crows to eat.

  • Then make a human-like doll out of wheat flour or flour and place it on top of the coconut and worship it with all the mantras and rules.

  • After the ritual, he should be declared dead and burnt.

  • Then perform the Dasakriya ritual like any other human being

  • The mantra ‘Om Namo Bhagwate Vasudevay’ has to be chanted throughout the day

Day 2

  • On the next day take a holy bath in kushavart kund and wear the same clothes

  • Then go to samshan, and you have to perform sapindh shraddha, of human doll from yesterday Vidhi

  • After that Vidhi, make a statue of Snake (Cobra) from wheat flour 

  • Take worship of that statue

    And Perform a ritual same as a human doll that was performed Day before

  • After That, perform a dosh puja and Nag pratima puja

  • Then you have to continuously need to chant a mantra ‘ om namo bhagvate namah’

Day 3 

  • On day 3, Ganesh Puja is performed 

  • Then bring Gold Statue (pratima) of Nag (snake) and take a worship of it 

  • And then donate to Panditji

  • After that Food distribution is done

  • Then Puja is completed.

The cost Of narayana nagbali puja is depends on material ( Samagri ) used in pooja 

And Dakshina of Panditji depends on the Condition of the Devotee

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