People work throughout their lives and earn because of certain specific skill sets in them or maybe strengths. A kid in his home has a different strength it may be his smile, aggression, or way of communicating. When they reach their Kinder Garden and face the teachers they inculcate new skills and strengths these can be spontaneous nature, quick learning capabilities, and the way they present themselves. When they reach adolescence their strengths move to either academics, sports, or extra curriculum activity, he may a great orator, sportsman, or nerd.

Now you enter into the job and your skills get changes, speaking, managing goal achiever …. You can be anyone. The next phase of life brings marriage and now you have another strength and that is the way adjust and try to understand and adjust according to needs

But seldom we see the actual strength behind us and that is

1.       Divine intervention

2.       Your family and friends


People always talk about their strengths, struggles, their ups and downs, the hardship they faced, and how they achieved but seldom do they accept the role played by the unsung heroes of their life. Let’s see and think

1.       You wouldn’t have been alive if your parents were not there.

2.       You wouldn’t have been you if your parents wouldn’t have supported your studies.

3.       You wouldn’t have been you if your friends wouldn’t have pushed you to go that extra mile.

4.       You wouldn’t have been you if your peers and mentors wouldn’t have pushed you through those hardships and sleepless nights.

5.       You wouldn’t have been you if your partner wouldn’t have sacrificed their choices for your smile and happiness.

6.       You wouldn’t have been you if your kids haven’t given you those happy moments that you cherish till now.

Everyone directly or indirectly is an unsung hero in your life. Take time and say thank you some time to all these unsung heroes of your life as you wouldn’t have been you if they were not there.

And remember they are just a call away.

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