After years of researching, speaking, and writing about this subject, I have realised very few are well-versed in the boundlessness, formlessness, nothingness, spaceless, timelessness, eternal and infinite, which is the subject of Spiritualism propounds. The fact remains nobody seems to care about the role it plays in our personal life, in spite of being told we are spiritual beings going through a human experience. We blatantly use and abuse the word spiritual as and when we feel with the result this exclusive subject is jumbled up with religion, self-help etc.

Inspirational speakers also claim to be spiritual, and so are motivational speakers. I just do not know why spiritualism is so severely smeared. Different religions have divergent versions of this subject. No one realises how vital this subject is to our day-to-day life, especially now when religion appears to be fading away amongst the youth, who are not ready to be bogged down by rituals, and traditions in supernatural texts.

When religion is going down, what else is left? You cannot mix the spirit with motivational and inspirational speeches. Those are for the cognitive mind to improve and experience and are in no way connected to the soul or the spirit. If you inquire about the soul and the spirit, most of us are ignorant as to what this third element is besides the body and mind we are made up of. I am sure you will never do the same injustice to say physics, chemistry, or any other subject. All subjects have their own authority and exclusiveness, and so does the subject of life.

All religion except Hinduism has a founder; similarly, spiritualism has no father to claim its legitimacy. Since science is ignorant about the metaphysical realm, this subject is considered more of a belief rather than being real. We inwardly refuse to recognise that spirit within. Hinduism is a word coined by others, by those who ruled over them and not by Hindus. The actual name of Hinduism is “Sanatan Dharma — eternal order” It is the oldest religion globally. It is based upon the collection of spiritual laws discovered by sages thousands of years ago. There is no one to market this subject in a structured manner; the way organised religion is publicised and marketed.

The best part is science depends upon spiritualism because it begins with philosophy and ends in philosophy. Instead of believing in a God with a separate name and gender for every religion, the subject of spiritualism speaks about an immaterial ultimate reality. It talks about what is metaphysical (where ‘meta’ means beyond) into a transcendental reality that is unnoticeable to the senses, expressing and exhibiting its ability in waves of indivisible energy. Energy is nothing but the power or the capacity to do work and that is what the spirit is also all about. It is that substrate of all that exists in the universe.

Spiritualism is becoming more important today because religion is failing, terrorism is rising, and material life is a mixture of comforts coupled with anger, anxiety and anguish. Spirituality provides mental practices of yoga, ‘Japa’, and meditation but these only take you towards the periphery of the core of your being — the soul. The spirit is beyond the body, mind, as well as soul. It is universal while the soul is individual.

We need to know our connection with the expanse of the universe, trapped and individualized into a soul and referred to as the spirit. And how to improve our lives; know its meaning and purpose. The answer is understanding the subject of spiritualism with clarity for knowing the righteous way of life that leads to fulfilment and completeness.

Spiritualism never stops you from materialism; its purpose is to experience material life. You are supposed to balance the two righteously. Life in materialism today is say at 99 per cent and spiritual-ness only at 1 per cent. Spirituality speaks about compassion, selflessness, and wholesomeness, which is desperately lacking in today’s world. We may talk about it, but inwardly we disagree and are basically selfish by nature identified and attached to our desires and emotions.

How do the spirit and soul check and guide the mind? By transcending into higher consciousness. Many studies have clearly revealed that the mind is functioning over 98 per cent on a lower or subconscious manner in auto mode. It is working mechanically without requiring the conscious principle, which is that actual wakefulness within us. Without consciousness, the mind or brain will be purely mechanical. This means that if your mind is overly functioning through memory and intellect in auto-mode from past knowledge gathered from here and there, you are asleep even while awake. Actual awakening occurs to an alert mind when the soul is able to make the mind aware and conscious of all that it perceives and conceives.

Every living creature has a conscious principle. The plants are conscious of the sunlight and water around them though they cannot walk toward them. The animals are aware and conscious, but they too are limited in their intensity of aware energy. The power is the highest in human beings. Yet, the plants and animals are more into that oneness and selflessness than we are. We are reaching a stage where humans have endangered planet earth towards extinction.

You can see how animals enjoy that togetherness but not humans. Though we may call ourselves wise, intelligent, intellectual or knowledgeable, if you look deep down you will see there is a savage beast within, where we are only concerned with our me and mine, accumulating this or that, clinging to identification and attachment. Please remember that the mind is the quantum of what you are and not who you are. So kindly wake up.

What does the subject of spiritualism convey to you? It tells you about who you are, how to silence your mind and how to be in the present moment rather than multitasking all the time. It gives you that meaning and purpose in your life. If we take this subject seriously, it helps us balance all three: body, mind, and soul. It answers your question: “Who am I?” Because you are not the body and mind. You are that eternal universal spirit contained in the soul.

You are one with the universe. You are a part of that universe, and your mind has limitless potentiality, so long as your soul is awakened and not asleep. It is just that the soul in most of us remains dormant and needs to be awakened. We always say “awakening of the soul”, never “experiencing the soul”.

It is the mind which experiences to improve upon itself, materially or spiritually. The absolute spirit talks about absoluteness in totality, fullness, and wholesomeness. The philosophy of knowledge has been very well described in the Vedas, from the Upanishads. In Advaita Vedanta, where Advaita means not two. It means all that exists is not two.

So, they divided the knowledge into two sections: “Paar Vidya” and “Apaar Vidya”. “Paar Vidya” means beyond knowledge, into the metaphysical realm of nothingness, and “Apaar vidya” implies the ability of duality, of two. Everything in matter and consciousness functions in duality with relativity. Where truth, reality, positive or the divine are related to their opposites. Where also the truth of one differs from another. This is never the case in spirituality, it sticks to its absoluteness.

Please remember that God is not a noun or gender. We go astray when we presume God to have a name, someone who can be bribed by going to the temple, giving money, and begging for mercy. God is within. God is an experience, a verb and not a noun. Our Vedas say that He is that intelligence within you from which you are able to explore, discover, create, reflect, relate and reason through your memory and intellect from the stars to the subatomic particles. It is that intelligence which comes in spontaneity. It does not require your mind. It gives you that cosmic intelligence in spontaneity.

Spiritualism, as I said earlier, has no founder or organization to market it in the proper manner. Yet, we are intelligent enough to know that the essence of life is in the metaphysical realm. It is not in the body or mind. Otherwise, we would not be saying my mind and my thoughts. We have that intelligence to understand without anybody telling us that there is a third person inside who is always guiding and warning us whenever we go astray. We do not pay heed to that third eye within — That art Thou. Your soul is that divine, in pure consciousness. But your mind needs to be aware to awaken the soul and transcend beyond your mundane material world. Try and see how it can change your life after understanding the subject of Spiritualism.

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