This poem is about the transience of worldly bonds that we make. 

What is that bond
which breaks with the
slightest blow of the sword
Then there’s no more
thinking on what is to
remain or be gone
Just like fire cannot
burn gold,
deep deep bonds can
never perish or turn cold;
Just like gold comes out
of fire- refined and pure
deep deep bonds know
to survive and endure
If it breaks, it’s meant to be,
If it’s not, then it can never
be- regardless of how much
you hold on to it
Don’t settle yourself,
O mind! in the fear of
losing things- wavy bonds
and transient belongings
Travel far and beyond
and you will see-
the clouds will disappear,
the path will become clear
and your heart will get
to know- what and how
much to bear
Remember – what is meant
to go will take leave willingly
What is meant to remain
will never leave ‘me’ (you)


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