Consciousness is the only real thing.And the fact of one existence is the truest thing.A Yogi or a unified person is like the fruit which has been absorbed by the root to its source and soon again will be a part of it.

Consciousness can be divided into three parts:the Karmic or physical consciousness,bliss and misery consciousness and ego consciousness;but for Shiva,exists only bliss and Karmic consciousness.

A Yogi is a person unified to Shiva throughany one aspect-he is called a Jeevanmukta.And a person who has attained both the features is indifferent to Shiva-he is said to have attained Brahmapadavi.

A Yogi/Jeevanmukta is the greatest of all beings.By activating the kundalini and taking the energies above the head,one becomes God.By killing the ego snake,one escapes all the poisons of this Samsara.

Yogeswara and a Yogi are inseperable like Sun and Sunlight.

Yogeswara and Yogi are the extensions of each other.