In his book How Will you Measure your life, Clayton Christensen says that your strategy in companies or life is not what you say but it is created through everyday decisions about how you spend your time, energy, and money.

Similarly, in life, we can say a lot about our priorities but in reality, our priorities take shape only when we act on them by spending our precious resources i.e. time and energy in a consistent manner.

If you say that health matters in your life but you never do any effort in exercising or eating a healthy diet then it is not on your priority list and by not including any health-related action in your routine, you are sending a message to your brain that it is only an item on your want list. It becomes a priority in reality when it moves from a want list to your to-do list.

I too was struggling before some time to find out time for reading but then I decided that if reading books is really my priority then I have to do something and I planned my schedule and weekends in a manner that besides work, I can devote a substantial amount of time for reading also. Though initially, I started with 20 -30 minutes but gradually increased it to 45 minutes to one hour daily, by maintaining its regularity.

A person who thinks the family time is important for him will definitely do an effort in taking out some time to spend with family members. If someone wants to pursue a hobby, he/she has to manage anyhow otherwise, life will be over in the greatest illusion that someday we will have plenty of time to do things we want to do. It remains merely an intention until you work on that, the moment it is backed up by your time, effort, and a concrete plan of action; it gets transformed into your priority. If the decision you make about where you invest your blood, sweat and tears are not consistent with the person you want to be, you will never become that person.

Several sayings and fables underscore the importance of a consistent little effort regularly for a magnificent result. It is better to learn every day than simply being a learned person. It is much more important to read and write every day for some time than simply being a highly educated person.

Remember that it is not the binging which helps to make one fortified in a pursuit rather the consistency of any practice, the field may be of sports, arts, education, or vocation; the defining factor in making one successful is a constant practice, reinvention, and rethinking. In other words, a static and one-time big effort doesn’t pay much in the long run while a little for longer,  makes the monument and epic.

So think, plan and act because time is fleeting….


Photo by Brett Jordan from Pexels