What Kind Of Life Do You Want In 2022?

Prepare The Blueprint Now. 

2022 is just one day ahead. Have you started planning how you’d spend the next year? What kind of life do you want this year? Made some resolutions? 

Well, I haven’t made resolutions as such. But, I’ve decided to work on some major themes. Here are the things on my list:

I. A Healthier Year: I want a healthier 2022. And so, I’ve decided to work on my health this year more proactively. I’m going to change my sleep timings a little bit and I’ll discipline my eating regime. And I’ve decided to make yoga, chanting, pranayama and meditation an integral part of my life. 

II. An Academically Serious Year: I’m going to pursue my masters this year. This will be challenging for me. This year will be the beginning of many changes in my life. This is one of those. 

III. A More Productive Year: I’m looking forward to being more productive this new year. I’ll study more and write more. I’ll keep writing every day on this awesome platform. Don’t get bored, please!

IV. A More Spiritual Year: I’m entering into spirituality more deeply from now on. How? Leave that. It doesn’t matter. To put it simply, everything I do I’ll do it more committedly from now on. Pray for me. 

Well, that’s all from me. I’ve not committed myself to individual resolutions. I’ll work on these themes. And hopefully, individual commitments will be worked out. But, of course, there are small small steps I’ll take. So, my approach will be more holistic from now on. It’ll be a two-way approach. 

What is on your list? I’d like to know. 

Thank you for being here. A big thanks to all the beautiful souls. I’m grateful to be here. 🙏

May 2022 be the year of change you wish for. 🍁

Wish you a Happy New Year, amigos! 🥳

Thank you. 
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