The devotee is the one who never seeks special attention for himself, which makes him really special to everyone. The devotee is like salt in water, water in clouds, oxygen in the air, which you only can see, but the feeling of its own. The devotee is the one who finds the path for something good for all and lets everyone have the chance to know about its positivity.

Sometimes we think about why we are here in this life as humans. It makes no sense that we only live to make someone happy because of us. On the other hand, we don’t feel happy for ourselves here. We earn money, glory, jewellery, family, friends and a lot of other things. And those things surely give us joy for a while, but after some time we are on the same platform where we think for more to make us joyful. But this scenario had no end to this search chain. In this physical life when we take our last breath, we don’t have anything special than an unborn child who didn’t even come to this life.

We become the part of this uncertain life cycle, where we follow the path of our ancestors or the civilized society which says our only major work is to make our future presentable. No one talks or teaches about the present. When a child came into this life cycle, always others take responsibility for him/her and divided him/her in religion/cast/rich or poor etc. they even decided their life goals. But if this chain of life is best for us, then why do we have that much negativity for something or for someone at a time.

There is only one thing that makes us human and that is to become a devotee of something special. The special one is chosen by you for your life, for your dreams, for your love, for your belief and only for you. If you choose to walk on this one aim or one focal point for your life, then you surely become a devotee.

“In my opinion the person I pointed as devotee in this article is eternal renouncer.  Who willing to give his everything for humanity.”