World is a network of all kinds of relationships between people of various types.
What matters in any relationship to be ?

Is it love, kindness, integrity, help, comradeship, team participation, gaining vwealth, that both parties need in relationships ???
This is all needed !
But, what really matters from the beginning till end of any relationship ?

Trust ! Why ?
Any relationship has some purpose, business, official, personal type.
But, to serve any of the purpose,
Trusting one another is vital to keep any relationship alive.
Is Trust automatic ?
Never !
Both parties must open up without any bias, to build the vital trust, that keeps relationship alive.
Communication verbally, non-verbally, body gestures, eyeing, play vital part in building trust over several periods of time !!!
If trust inherent is lacking, then however centuries both have relationships, it is totally useless !!!
Trust takes years to be built, but can be broken in just a second, so fragile, yet so valuable in relationships, to keep it alive.

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