“Meditation realigns you with your true self, leads you back to your true purpose (Dharma) and allows you to “wash” away Karma on all levels. Commitment to your spiritual path is the key to escaping from the Karmic prison you have created for yourself—and to enjoy unbounded freedom in every moment.”

— Writes Roger Gabriel in the article titled: How Does Karma Affect Your Life?  

Jai Shri Hari,

Mediation has been a vital part of my life ever since I connected with Swami ji and Black Lotus app. I am also a yoga teacher and have been offering free services of yoga for the past seven years. Everyday, after my session, I steal some time for my daily meditation, both in the morning  and evening.  Meditation has not only brought a transformation in my life but also given me the true path to self-realization.
Let me share an incident from my life which made mediation a regular practice, an endless stream in my life.

“Two months ago I had some health issues. So, along with taking my medication, I decided to meet an free astrologer to find out some astrological remedies. I consulted with a very famous and expert astrologer of our city.

She thoroughly checked my Kundali (Horoscope), and started asking some strange questions (sounded strange to me, as those appeared irrelevant to my health). She asked me questions like: How my business was coming along at that time? She asked me about the health of my family members, and about my wealth status around then.

I replied to all her questions. Suddenly, she raised one more strange question, “Are you meditating ?” 
“Yes , regularly for the past two years,” I replied.  

I was astonished by the statement she made afterwards. She said, “As per your kundali, you should be in the pits, right now, both physically as well as financially.” And she was surprised to see I was still in a stable state, despite all planets which were positioned in my kundali to give unfavourable results.

Then, she stated that if someone enters into deep meditation, his kundali and the position of the planets in that person’s horoscope do not have any effect on him or her. And that particular person starts getting released from the effects of the previous bad karmas. And exactly the same was happening in my life, too.

Her statements amazed me so deeply. I realised the effects of meditation. It not only enlightened me to grow but also freed me from the fetters of the previous karmas! She advised me to meditate more and to focus on my root chakra (Muladhara).”

I am really grateful to Black Lotus and Swami ji, for helping and guiding me to choose the right path for my destiny.

Jai Shri Hari.