The water parts its flow
The ship sinks
Chains break
Shattering their links.
Depositing what was there below.

Under the sands
The book settles to stay
Secrets untold inside
Tales that best be kept at bay.
The gold is forming rust bands.

Deep in the dark sea
The water parts its flow once more.
A submarine
Coming due to the lore
Of treasures, and secrets that are key.

A man opens the exit,
Going down to the vessel.
He takes some coins,
A sword with a tassel.
He slumps a bit.

No treasure that he can see.
No secrets like he was told.
He’ll remember this failure
Even when he is old.
The man gives a distant plea.

If only he knew.
There is more than what 
Meets the eye.
The book is under the sands but,
Maybe someone will start anew.

Perhaps the secrets will 
Be a distant memory.
It will never see
The light of day, from a window-sill.

And tales of
Tales that will never be heard of