In the beseeches of a seeker, in the pursuit of truth and ofcourse ! failing zillion times in a day trying to be closer to the divine as our stories, interpretation of things come in the way …..we often forget the miracle of our existence….we often forget that afterall its all nothing but a love affair…

Going through the poetic lines from Aru Bazark, capturing the essence..the importance of “you” in the creation…each line is written out of sheer love and underscores the dance of this eternal affair…and I couldn’t stop myself to share it 🙂 Here it is :


“The God who made the stars, the seas, the mountains and its peaks, the universe and its galaxies felt this world would be incomplete without you and without me.

Do you see how you are a puzzle piece in the whole—how without you here, there would be a hole?

Your body is not just a clay tent that you live in, it’s a piece of the universe you have been given.

You are not a small star, you are a reflection of the entire cosmos. Can you hear the big bang in your heart? Eighty times a minute God knocks on the doors of your chest, to remind you that He has never left, and that He is closer to you than the jugular vein in your neck.

Every moment is divinely blessed, for this very moment God is blowing the breath of life through eight billion different human chests. You are not just star dust and dirt, you are a reflection of God’s beauty on Earth.

You are not this mortal body that death will one day take. You are an everlasting spirit held in the mortal embrace of clay.

You are not a human being meant to be spiritual, you are a spiritual being living this human being miracle.” -ARU BARZAK, POET (Excerpt from Secrets of Divine Love – A. Helwa)

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