Global peace is what the world is trying to attain, here inner peace is what we individuals can’t sustain!

What you think you become,
This thought is one of the most ancient one,
Though we all say it loud and clear,
Everyone misunderstood it Is something I fear,
All of us on a large scale are seeing so many crimes
It seems like a roll of bad times,
But no one ever gave that vivid saying a simple deep thought,
If everyone would have been courageous to shake their rigid belief system’s knot,
They simply would have understood the depth of words,
If they would have started acting and living towards the growth of others,
If you deepen your vision and lose thyself in meditation,
Thy shall understand, every human on this earth is a simple individualistic microcosm,
The things that shape your microcosm are somehow responsible for working of the whole macrocosm,
Billions of people living on this earth have so much repressed anger and sadness,
Are so poor that they have never experienced true happiness,
Struggling to find inner wisdom and light,
Living on Ego’s false might,
Fear and arrogance are a screw bolt supporting their frame completely tight,
Thus resulting in So many thefts and crimes,
Every microcosm radiating negative frequencies weakly,
Resulting in interaction of each and culmination of weak,
Emergent therefore is the picture of terror no one seeked,
The emotional imbalances in today’s world have indeed reached their peaks,
Many people are physically strong but mentally weak,
Still our goal remains global peace to seek,
But it’s time to understand the work on the world or our macrocosm,
Shall start with inner work on each of our microcosm,
We all are living entities,
So are our thoughts,
So is the collection of societies’ thoughts,
So what if every individual cultivates inner peace,
Every society overcomes their collective tantrums and lease,
I know it is not a practical thought to think,
But somehow I believe that the day is just at our consciences’ brink,
Moving along inward making positive thoughts its healthy drink,  [Thoughts of happiness and joy of all, finding joy in other’s joy etc.]Then I feel the day shall come,
When our personal inner peace will start to sustain
And the outcome unknowingly or knowingly will be gained,
Addressing Humanity Global Peace is Attained!!!

~Vedant Ranadive.

This poem is one  of the most valuable realisations of my life, I wrote this somewhere back in 2018, and from the morning today I was having the urge to share it here, I finally decided to share it after reading a quote by Swami Vivekananda today:

“The more we grow in Love and virtue and holiness, the more we see love and virtue and holiness outside. All condemnation of others is really condemnation of ourselves. Adjust the microcosm which is in your power to do and the macrocosm will adjust itself for you.”

I had also read about researches in regards to this where when a community started meditating and praying and in short taking care of their microcosm, there the number of thefts and crimes decreased by a good percentage. I also read in Swamiji’s books.  Also heard one of the famous Neuroscientist Dr. Joe Dispenza talk on this.Do share your thoughts and insight in the comments. Thank you for reading till here. grateful to Swamiji and everyone.

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