I recently had to go to the dentist to fill a cavity. Later that day, I started experiencing some pain while eating. I had to go back twice to fix things. It was a simple matter of adjusting my bite alignment.  (I’m still waiting for it to heal, fingers crossed)

During my third visit, the staff was very apologetic, and I almost sensed a little anxiety which I felt might be related to getting a bad review on google since the doctor’s office had asked me to leave a review after my first visit. I felt awkward and responsible to make sure they don’t feel bad. All I wanted was to get my tooth fixed so I can enjoy some good food.  (I had wasted a delicious bag of potato chips on my painful tooth. Imagine yours truly howling in pain but determinedly crunching away at those chips!)

Anyway, I thanked them for squeezing me in for a quick appointment and left a good rating on google. (On a side note, I really don’t think we should have these rating systems for doctors, but I won’t digress.)

But I definitely had my moments of anger and frustration with businesses before. I once yelled at a manager, only to call back and apologize after. I also left a bad rating once, but deleted it later.

With today’s cancel culture it’s so easy to take down businesses and people using social media platforms. While it’s good that people have so many ways to voice their opinion and businesses are able to improve because of it, it also opens the door to anger and other negative emotions. What might be just a bad review for one, could be loss of an entire business for another.

Isn’t it unfair that we expect 100% perfectness from other people when we are in no way shape or form close to it?

Didn’t we ever make a mistake at work? Since I’m a software engineer, I can totally relate to this. All you software engineers, remember when you caused a bug? How often does your code run in the very first try? Now, imagine someone’s leaving a bad review about your code that’s publicly viewable by the entire world.

It’s our responsibility to make sure we don’t act (read react) out of anger. So, let’s hold off on that negative review. Show the frustration on your spouse instead (just kidding). Let’s give people and businesses the benefit of doubt. Let’s act with compassion. Jai Shri Hari.

Pic Courtesy:  https://www.123rf.com/photo_46100605_stock-vector-angry-man-he-is-screaming-for-a-phone.html