When it comes to Milarepa, I love his story from being a murderer to being an accomplished being.

How his book ended up being on my to-read bucket list is simple, I just used the look inside feature in Amazon and read the first translated poem, and fell in love with his poetry. Even after translated into the English language, it has not lost its beauty and divinity. Here I share with you the first poem from the book, and be cautious reading it as once you started you will hanker to get a copy of it right away!

When named I am the man apart;
I am the sage of Tibet;
I am Milarepa.
I hear little but counsel much;
I reflect little but persevere much;
I sleep little but endure in meditation much.
Knowing one thing I have experience of all things;
knowing all things I comprehend them to be one;
I have experience of true reality.
My narrow bed gives me ease to stretch and bend;
my thin clothing makes my body warm;
my scanty fare satisfies my belly.
I am the goal of every great meditator;
I am the meeting place of the faithful;
I am the coil of birth and death and decay.
I have no preference for any country;
I have no home in any place;
I have no store of provisions for my livelihood.
I have no fondness for material things;
I make no distinction between clean and unclean in food;
I have little torment of suffering.
I have little desire for self-esteem;
I have little attachment or bias;
I have found the freedom of Nirvana.
I am the comforter of the aged;
I am the playmate of children;
the sage, I wander through the kingdoms of the world.
I pray that ye men and gods may dwell at ease.

~ Milarepa

Do you love reading it, have you included it in your reading list?



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