Flow: The Psychology of Optimal Experience
I have included this book in my reading list as almost all of us have experienced the “flow”. The state of mind after conscious focus on any task and soon we reach a state of consciousness beyond our normal imaginative state of mind. In that state suddenly our efficiency gets doubled or tripled and out of nowhere ideas and gushes of creativity starts flowing within us and in that state of mind whatever comes out as the outcome, let it be writing, art, piano, music, reading, dancing, singing, etc. comes out absolutely extraordinary. Time flows like a fast-flowing river in that state of mind. If someone has not experienced the “flow” or is not aware of it, then I would call that person the most unlucky person on earth.

Let’s take reading, for example, many times it happened that I sit for reading a book and after reading 5-6 pages, when I am totally disconnected from the external environment and completely immersed within a book and suddenly out of nowhere my reading speed starts increasing and most of the lines I can just lay a glance and it’s done and the next line and it goes on to another 5-10 pages or more and slowly slowly we go into the flow state and slowly slowly, it again starts decreasing after reaching some peak point, which will differ from person to person.

The most amazing thing that happens after coming out of the flow state of mind is that, when you have a glance at the clock, you realize that hours have passed and what one thought of to be a session of 30 minutes comes out to be of 3 hours.

Even if consciously you have not ever focused on that’s being called flow, if just you have experienced that after being immersed in something, when you came out of it and looked at the watch and realized hours have passed, Congratulations you have been in the flow state of mind.

Now this book explains the flow state with much scientific research and how can one reach it easily and make the best out of it. And how our happiness and satisfaction lie in the place where we feel the flow. So go with the flow, make the best out of whatever you do.



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