Sorry for all the haters of this book, I can’t resist this book anymore. After reading Animal Farm by George Orwell, which became one of my favorite books, and also visiting his birthplace, which is in Motihari, Bihar. I just can’t resist reading it. Why was the resistance one may ask? So the reason for it is that throughout the internet this book is heavily criticized and trolled and loved too worldwide.

Many saying this book shows a negative view of life and children and teens should stay away from the genre of dystopian novels. I earlier had the paperback version of the book, but I let it go without reading thinking it’s not right for me. Now I think at 19 I am matured enough to read this book.

And criticization or praising is just based on our own view of seeing things and in believing them. Likewise, I read Animal Farm, which the Soviet Union banned, and America accepted as a book for children. Is Animal Farm a book for children? A hell yes! It’s an amazing comedy story of animals making their groups and throwing away the men of the farm out of it and making their own lives. Is Animal Farm a book for politicians? A hell yes! After reading this, a politician can throw away all the books out there on politics as this book if applied will make a hell out of a nation.

One line from the description of 1984 in Goodreads says: ” it ranks among the most terrifying novels ever written.” Yeah, certainly I don’t want to miss the “terrifying” part of it.



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