Now this book is completely apart from all the books that I have listed unto now. The reason is for all other books in the series of my to read books, I have given reasons and facts as to why I choose this and that book to read. Not this one. This book is in my to-read books just out my fun to really read it and for love of Osho. Earlier times through the influence of YouTube I used to believe that Osho is just another fake baba and sex guru.

Later on, when he got heavy over me, I tried to give him reading and the first book that I choose was Dhammapada and at that time I was really not concerned with Osho, the only thing I wanted was to understand Buddha and his teaching as from my childhood when I first came across Buddhas statue in my home, I fell in love with it.

So, I started reading the Dhammapada, nowhere one confession I wanna make is that I haven’t completed any of the 1-10 volumes of Dhammapada with Osho’s commentary, because I loved hearing the original audio version of the recording. Yeah, so I was reading the Dhammapada and not even I page was over, I was completely blown away by Osho’s way of telling things and his commentary on the Dhammapada. I just read around 50 pages but the information I gathered started getting heavy on my head and I realized that this mas called Osho is really apart from the crowd out there.

Then the journey begins and I have read many of his books unto now and yeah one thing I haven’t purchased a single book of Osho until now. More than a thousand of his English and Hindi books are legally available at for the small price of just signing up for a free account.



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