I came to know about this book from a discourse by Swamiji where he shared a story from this book. After that when I was making the OM Swami Archives series then on the part of Booklist shares, where Swamiji shared some of the excerpts from many books, there again Swamiji mentioned this book.

What’s in my reading list : 17 2

Later on when I was searching for some good books to improve one’s writing skills then I read many of the posts online and noticed that this book “Bird by Bird” is mentioned in most of the book recommendation lists by different writers. So I included this book in my to-read list.

Writing is really an art of expressing one’s ideas and emotions and values and stories in such a way that the reader finds it engaging and worth giving its time to. Now that I am writing on os.me and thinking to make this a hobby as it will always be good to actually write something rather than nothing.

And if you are writing, then it’s always better to learn and write in a proper manner than just scribbling random words which I am currently doing in this post 🙂