I came to know about this enlightened being from Sadhguru’s videos and Osho’s books. The moment I read about him and saw his fearsome-looking face, I really got interested in him. I know many stories and incidents related to Indian masters, but an enlightened being from Russia! He seems interesting after Leo Tolstoy and Fyodor Dostoevsky from Russia.

I read a little about him and came to know that he used to teach Mindful meditation with the name of “Self Remembrance” and “Dancing (spirited meditation)”. He used to call kundalini “Kunda-buffer”, the name seems interesting too.

This book Meetings With Remarkable Men is about his travels to various countries and middle east and central Asian countries including India and Bhutan. He has been to a monetary in Bhutan and been the Guru to the Dalia-lama of that time.

Here is what the book description says :

‘You must learn not what people round you consider good or bad, but to act in life as your conscience bids you’

For twenty years, the spiritual teacher Gurdjieff journeyed through Central Asia and the Middle East. Part travelogue, part adventure, part spiritual guide, Meetings with Remarkable Men vividly describes his encounters with the people who aided his search for knowledge: his father, a bard, who handed down to him tales of wonder and magic; a Russian prince dedicated to the truth; a Persian dervish who taught him a new way of living; a woman who escaped slavery to become a trusted fellow seeker. Through them, we see a young man discovering the answers to who we are and what it means to live fully.



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