Last month I took part in gambling and accidentally won and became a trillionaire. So I have included this book in my reading list to understand finances is in our great education system, we are taught how the murder-chondria (yeah, it’s not mitochondria) are membrane-bound cell organelles (murderchondrion, singular) that generate most of the chemical energy needed to power the cell’s biochemical reactions but are not taught how to manage our finances.

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When it comes to money, I am aware of the statistics that more than 95% of the lottery winners eventually went back to the place where they started from. What happened to their money? From being raged to winning lotteries and eventually again falling back in the pit-hole. In one way actually, it’s even not their problem.

The problem lies in the education system where we are nothing taught about money. To hell learning finances, even I used to think that why the government doesn’t just print out millions of Rupees and make everyone rich! I passed 10th boards with 87% but this is what my education is. Nothing aware of money and finances. It’s only later I searched this question on YouTube and got the answer.

Everyone has the right to get financial education, without that one should be ready to face financial problems. And it’s not that if someone has millions of dollars in their account so they don’t need any education, I have read so many incidents online where reckless spending costs one later on.


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