When it comes to J Krishnamurti, he is among the most rational minds ever born. An enlightened being completely apart from others, no wearing robes, no disciples, no religious teachings and practices. Throughout his life, he just traveled from country to country and sitting in groups, and speaking on various topics of human existence.

The first and last freedom is a collection of his writings and talks on various topics such as action, belief, effort, fear, awareness, desire, relationship, self-deception, time, the present crisis, nationalism, knowledge, loneliness, war, hate, gossip, memory, meditation, prayer, sex, love, death, simplicity, transformation, etc.

When I first chanced at his videos on Youtube, I was amazed at his scientific view of speaking. His mostly videos on “Observing the mind”, he really teaches awareness meditation from a completely different point of view. As he does not refer to any scriptures, his way of teaching gets completely apart from others. He will never say that scriptures say that anger is bad and you will go to hell if you get angry, he teaches to directly observing the mind in anger and understanding it, without any suppression, expression, acceptance, or rejection.

A rational mind who wants to walk the path of spirituality but finds no interest in the forms and rituals; for him, Krishnamurti’s videos and books are of great help. His path of teaching is “The path of Knowledge” or Gyana Yoga.

This book by him will be a bit hard to read as it is always difficult to understand Krishnamurti’s level of intelligence, anyways it will be a great reading and a good introduction to anyone trying to walk in the path of Gyana Yoga.



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