Let me tell you a secret! I have 20-30 children to take care of, so I am going to read this book by Swamiji. Just kidding, about the children part. The joke seems similar, yeah, I steal Swamiji’s jokes! Fun apart, parenting is a topic that is really missing from our society.

People think that by just paying the fees of a student timely I am doing good parenting. I personally don’t know a person who knows the right parenting and thinks that children need to be treated in a certain way. Definitely, parents’ intentions are not wrong towards us, but at the same time due to their ignorance, the child has to suffer a lot.

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Personally, I too have 5 brothers and sisters below age 6 (both added), in my maternal relation and their home is not more than 2kms away, so I usually visit them every now and then and how should be my behavior towards them and how I treat them will really impact their growth. Currently, all I know about parenting is to give them a lot of hugs and kisses and play and fool around with them. Reading this book will definitely come in handy regarding that.



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