This is a very small book by Osho, actually, it was just a 3-hour recording speech of his converted into a booklet containing just 35 pages. This book lies in my reading list, as after meditating out there for some time, I have come to know that there are some subtle differences between this mindfulness and alertness and watchfulness and that’s why Swamiji has different chapters for them in his book.

Now I know that I can’t grasp the differences just by reading this book as Swamiji said in A million Thoughts that just to understand the difference between a loss of clarity and actual thoughtlessness it took Him around a thousand hours of intense meditation.

What’s in my reading list : 7 2

I still read those two chapters of mindfulness and alertness from A million Thoughts and get confused about what’s the difference between them and how to be mindful and alert and concentrate all at the same time in meditation. Just if this book of Watchfulness, Awareness, Alertness clears some of the doubts, even not experientially just intellectually then the work of this book is actually done. Nothing more is needed to be said regarding this.

Do you too feel confused or have the clarity? Do tell me in the comments.