What’s my dog made of? This question has kept popping in my head lately. Not because I’m spiritually too evolved, for that is definitely not the case. Looking in the mirror tells it out loud everyday. Maybe because now that my dog is playing the second innings of his life, it occurred to me to acknowledge his unique make up while he is still with us. And look at the irony of things! He would be just the same, carefree of my acknowledgement, whether he gets it or not. If you see what I mean!

So, apart from the usual anatomy that is the same for all of us, same blood, same stomach, brain, liver, muscles, my dog has some special bones which are definitely in their nascent stage, if not missing totally in me.

1.       Bone of Unconditional Love:

This one has always amazed me more than others. This unique bone in my Simba is brimming with pure love, not just for the family but for almost everyone whom he meets. Anyone from the friends, neighbours, extended family who turns up and Simba is a bundle of joy, jumping to greet them. His inclusiveness does not stop here. Even the plumber, the electrician, the AC repair guy and other community helpers have also been recipients of his unconditional love. It always makes me wonder why does he do it? And more importantly, how does he do it? No matter who is in front of him, his every pore oozes love, even if you reciprocate it or not which brings us to the second bone in his body.

2.       Bone of Un-Expectation:

Simba is an excessively greedy dog. Now you must be wondering how can greedy and unexpectation go together for a being. Well, that’s what the case with Simba is. His greed is because of the breed that he is. A dog and that too a Labrador! That’s hell of a lot of greed. More than greed, it is hunger. So much so that his hunger often puts you in self doubt and guilt that are we feeding him well. But, his bone of unexpectation is totally of a different fabric. He doesn’t “demand” anything from anyone. If you really see what I mean! Simba is egoless. Isn’t that beautiful in a nutshell?! You lash out at him, don’t spare time for him or don’t even return his ‘good mornings’ with a pat, Simba is still the same. He doesn’t expect you to ‘be’ a certain way. Yet everyday he will greet you in the morning with same unadulterated love shining in his eyes.

3.       Bone of Kindness

Simba is huge. In our locality there are several Labradors but Simba is a hulk. One of the reasons why we couldn’t find a suitable mate for my boy ☹ All the prospects that approached us were half the size of my boy and eventually I couldn’t become a granny (sighs). And that built has so much might that if he wishes he can easily tear a man apart. His jaws are so strong that if he locks anything inside them it is simply impossible to open them and can break a bone in a jiffy.
The truth, however, is he doesn’t even ‘choose’ to hit a cockroach. If the latter comes his way, Simba would simply get up and take a different spot. There is a rescued pigeon in our house. We have named it Mani Singh (ain’t that a nice name, something loved by all, ‘MONEY’) 😊. He washes in Simba’s food bowl and roams freely fearless of the beast ahead. Simba doesn’t bother him though if he wishes he can easily turn him into just feathers. I have trained Simba with all commands and the only command that he never learnt when he was as young as 3 months old is “Simba Attack!”.

As I contemplate on all these bones my boy has, I can’t but confess he is far more evolved than I am. A dog, as I see, is far more human than I, who probably is more animal. If only I had an ounce of these elements that Simba has I would have been a better human being. I can only try to learn from him, wish and bow to the DIVINITY IN MY DOG!

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